Common Myths and Misconceptions About Colon Hydrotherapy

A clean colon positively contributes to your health and wellness and can offer benefits that aren’t achieved if you just use an over-the-counter solution. It’s always a good idea to consult with your physician before making the final decision to ensure no underlying issues could harm your system. There are many different types of colonic hydrotherapists, but it’s essential to work with licensed specialists that follow all regulatory measures.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is the formal name for a colonic. This procedure is commonly used before medical procedures or for detoxing the body. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Colonic is a painless process that begins with small amounts of water being flushed into the colon to help release waste with an irrigation nozzle placed into the rectum. The water is controlled with the proper pressure and temperature to flush out the large intestine.

Several myths and misconceptions are circulating about colon hydrotherapy procedures. These include:

  • Colonic methods are dangerous.
    • If you are safe and have the procedure done by a licensed hydrotherapist, you can detox your body without the use of chemicals, drugs, or side effects.
  • The procedure is painful.
    • This is not true. The procedure is one of the most gentle and effective ways to flush your large intestinal tract safely and, for most people, is very relaxing. In the case that the body has a lot of toxic waste, the removal of these toxins can be a little painful; however, this occurrence is rare.
  • Having colon hydrotherapy is embarrassing.
    • Women and men get colonic cleansing with no judgment. Many people think a cleanse will be smelly, but there generally is no smell because the waste goes into a container. The open system colonic procedure is different, and that’s where the smelly part comes in.
  • Colonic procedures are only for people who have constipation problems.
    • While this is an excellent way to relieve toxicity in the gut, this is not the case. The bad bacteria build up is often the cause of health conditions people have today. Conditions such as IBS, IBD, severe gas and bloating, chronic skin issues, ect., can also benefit from a colonic.

People also think that colon hydrotherapy takes all of the good bacteria out with the bad, but there is a balance between the two. By being careful about the number of colonics you get, you won’t run into losing your “good” bacteria. It’s easy to have the misconception that after getting a cleansing treatment, you’ll be in the bathroom all day with the runs, but often your day can continue as normal.

Doesn’t my colon cleanse itself naturally?

When eating the right amount of fiber and drinking enough water, the colon cleanses itself. If you have about 21 to 25 grams of fiber in women and 30 to 38 grams in men, the fiber helps scrape the intestinal tract from the garbage inside. To keep your bowels moving, it’s always good to eat the right amount of beans, veggies, fruits, and high-fiber foods. However, the American Society for Nutrition’s Nutrition 2021 Live Online reported only 5% of men and 9% of women are getting the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber.

Can I just do a natural colon cleanse myself?

Many people wonder about doing a colon cleanse on their own because over-the-counter products declare they’ll have the same results as that of a professional colonic. Although colon health is essential, some alternative health professionals advocate for regular colon cleansing using these products, which can have different results. The colon has some self-cleaning properties, but there are times where the waste collected has caused an imbalance and toxicity in the body. However, overusing colon cleaners can hurt the digestive tract because a continual wash can create vitamin or mineral deficiencies and dehydration issues.

Is colon hydrotherapy dangerous?

“There are definitely some things you need to watch out for,” says Diawn Jones of Ace Wellness. “Our intake form asks a series of medical questions, and if you suffer from any illnesses or chronic diseases on the sheet attached, you should not receive colon hydrotherapy.”

She continues, “A colon cleanse and colon hydrotherapy are different. With colon Hydrotherapy you irrigate the colon starting at the rectum through the intestines, or from the ‘bottom up.’ A colon cleanse is normally thought of from the mouth to the intestines, or the ‘top down.’ It is necessary to do both. Everyone feels different after. Some people may feel tired, and some people feel energized. Remember, rest heals the body. Everyone is different, and most people can immediately return to their activities with no downtime.”

Is this procedure like a “detox?”

This procedure helps remove bacteria and impacted fecal material, helping the digestive tract function normally. A colon that needs cleaning can cause you to feel bad due to a buildup of harmful bacteria. Most people don’t realize this can contribute to health issues. Hydrotherapy treatment can help remove the toxins in your body, giving you a clean and lighter feeling.

Many people who have toxic waste in their bodies have realized the differences in how they feel internally after a colonic. A colonic is more than a detox and should be performed by a professional.

Is a colon cleanse/colon hydrotherapy procedure effective?

“The body wants to reset because your body always wants to be in a state of what we call homeostasis. This is where all your biological systems are operating at optimal levels, where everything is functioning,” explains Diawn Jones. “In reality, we do not eat the proper nutrients or do the things that keep our bodies in a continual and perpetual state of healing. So when your body keeps shifting, you get sicker and sicker until eventually, the body cannot heal itself anymore. But you have to do things to help shift that back, whether that is taking herbs, doing colon hydrotherapy, or working out.”

Colon hydrotherapy is effective when done correctly. It’s important to understand how your body feels and when you need additional help beyond an over-the-counter cleanse. Your healthcare professional can recommend a colon cleanse, especially if there are indicators that your system needs to be flushed.

Here are some signs you may need a colon cleanse:

  • Constipation
    • When you’re backed up, you can’t get much done because you feel bloated. If you can’t pass this, your body starts to react.
  • You have bad breath, body odor, and smelly gas.
    • When you can’t stand the smell of your body odors, and other people start noticing, this indicates a blockage.
  • Your skin is breaking out.
    • If your skin is usually clear, but your skin starts breaking out in conjunction with those other symptoms, you need a washout.
  • Constantly tired
    • When your body is sluggish, chances are you have toxins in your body that need to be released.

If you see these signs, it may be time to check in with your healthcare professional to evaluate your condition. They may recommend getting a colonic to flush out your system thoroughly.

It’s easy to follow the crowd and believe the negative hype about colon hydrotherapy, but the best decision you can make is to do your research and speak to your physician. Depending on how your body is acting, it may be recommended. So, schedule an appointment with ACE Wellness today to learn more about getting colon hydrotherapy!