ACE Wellness Corp


ACE Wellness Ohio Corp is a non-profit organization and is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and qualifies under Section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

The Purpose of ACE Wellness Ohio Corp is assisting children, youth, and their families with mental health, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Giving these families similar opportunities to live in a safe, welcoming community with access to needed services, programs, and supports. ACE Corp would like to provide inner- city low-income families access to a better quality of living similar to that of suburban families.

At ACE Wellness Ohio we provide adults, children and their families with easily accessible high quality, innovative, and individualized mental health care so that they are empowered to maneuver the direction of their own lives. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of Accountability, Courage, and Enlightenment to guide each individual on their healing journey.

Low income families and those from limited economic backgrounds are disproportionally effected by health-defeating stressors such as systematic racism, poverty and crime but have limited access to affordable, high quality mental health care to aid in effectively processing the emotional toll these factors and others such as grief and loss have on their wellbeing. (Kwate and Goodman, 2015) Further, many in these populations have had a history of receiving inadequate and inconsistent social services or have had negative experiences when trying to access care. According to a USC report, minorities receive significantly fewer mental health care services. The report further relates that the top self-reported barriers to pursuing care were financial, structural (lack of transportation, difficulty locating provider), and perception of discrimination/biases (lack of minority practitioners).

We at ACE Wellness Corp will do our best to close the gap, providing our clients with programming, resources, educational services, and guidance. We use our resources to assist our clients and their families with practical resources and therapeutic services that provide them with an enhanced quality of living.

Board Members

Nehemiah Guy


Daphne Davis


Maleeka Smith


Nilisha Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Brooks

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Guy

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Sharon Jeffries

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Scotty McKinnie

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Clarence Thorton

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Candace McCown

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Jennifer Lewis

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Kathleen Valdez

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Haley Dos Santos

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