Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy

Psychotherapy for Substance Use Disorders is a therapy focused on treating alcohol or drug problems. Therapy for SUD helps people to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how it relates to their addictions. This therapy will assist client in developing skills to reach their goals.

Benefits of Addiction Therapy​

New perspective

Drug addiction counseling allows for a new perspective, which helps the addicted identify any of the behaviors, habits, or thoughts that make them want to abuse drugs. You’ll learn how to avoid those problem areas and develop a new approach.

Group therapy

Coping strategies

Drug addiction counseling teaches people beneficial coping strategies by helping them to understand the triggers that cause them to use drugs. They will learn how to resist these triggers when they do occur.


Many people who are addicted to drugs feel like they have no one to turn to and accordingly that no one cares about them or their situation. By getting help you will always have someone there who deeply cares about you and your recovery.

Relapse prevention

When someone feels the urge to use drugs again, they are encouraged to contact their drug addiction counselor as soon as possible in order to get the help they need to prevent a relapse.

Advice on creating, repairing relationships

Drug abuse can often harm or even destroy relationships and a drug addiction counselor can offer the advice necessary to repair any broken relationships. They can also offer advice on creating new and healthy relationships, which is an essential part of a successful recovery.